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The Sixth China (Xiangtan) Qi Baishi International Culture and Art Festival

An Official Invitation for the Chinese Art Painting Exhibition from the University and College Students

Xiangtan Municipal People’s Government
Hunan Artists Association
Hunan University of Science and Technology

Xiangtan Municipal Culture, Tourism, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau
Qi Baishi Art Institute of Hunan University of Science and Technology
Xiangtan Artists Association

Exhibition Duration:
28 October – 28 November 2023
Exhibition Venue:
Qi Baishi Art Museum of Hunan University of Science and Technology
Exhibition Scale:
A total of 100 items of Chinese art will be displayed at the exhibition

Art Processing:
1. The organizing committee of the exhibition will present the Certificate of Selection to all the exhibiting artists (stamped with the official seals of Chinese (Xiangtan) Qi Baishi International Culture and Arts Festival Organizing Committee Office, Hunan Provincial Artists Association, Hunan University of Science and Technology). Each exhibitor will be awarded a book of the exhibition .
2. The collection of the exhibition works follows the voluntary principle. The collection fee will be determined through negotiation between the collection unit and the artist, and the collection unit will issue a collection certificate to the artist.
3. The organizing committee of the exhibition will invite some of the artists selected to participate in the opening ceremony of the exhibition, academic lectures and other series of activities of the Sixth Chinese (Xiangtan) Di Baishi International Culture and Art Festival.

Exhibition Requirements:
1. Eligibility: Full-time undergraduates, masters and doctoral students in ordinary colleges and universities across the country (including the graduates of the class of 2023 and international students), some foreign universities are especially invited to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition accepts individual or collective submissions (lease refer to the application form and summary table with annexes 1 and 2).
2. Contents: The works should be rooted in Chinese traditional culture, closing to the pulse of the times, manifesting the spirit of the times, healthy and upward, that are in line with the core socialist values.
3. Size: The basic size of the Chinese paintings should not exceed 240cm (height) x 200cm (width). Each artist is limited to one piece of work to be submitted for evaluation (including a collaborative creation ). All the selected works will be unified framing by the organizing committee. Please do not frame or mounted shaft.

Submission Requirements
The submitted works should be original and should not contain any infringement of any copyrights, domestic and foreign exclusive publication rights, portrait rights, patent rights, or any other content that infringes on the legal rights of any third party. It is strictly prohibited to use high imitation, substitute writing, plagiarizing of others, or copying one’s own works. Otherwise, the artists will be responsible for any legal disputes or liabilities, announced on the organizer’s website and disqualified from the exhibition.

Selection Committee and Supervisory Evaluation Committee
Experts selected by Hunan Artists Association will form the Selection Committee, which will be responsible for the preliminary evaluation and Re-evaluation of the works. Hunan University of Science and Technology will organize the Supervisory Evaluation Committee to supervise the process of preliminary evaluation and Re-evaluation.

Delivery Requirements
Preliminary Evaluation Submission:
From the date of publication of the notice to 27, September, 2023, please send the declaration form, summary table and pictures of the works in electronic file format (image file not less than 5MB, image resolution not less than 300pdi) by email to The email should be named in the uniform format of “Name of university + name + contact information + title of works”. The pictures of the works will be printed by the organizing committee for preliminary evaluation. The results will be announced on the website of the organizer. The organizing committee will inform the shortlisted artists of the preliminary evaluation by phone or email. No notification will be given to the non-shortlisted artists, and the materials submitted for the preliminary evaluation will not be returned.

Re-evaluation Delivery:
Artists shortlisted should send their original works to participate in the Re-evaluation in accordance with the requirements. The works sent must be consistent with those in the preliminary evaluation. Unartistized replacement of the works will result in disqualification from the Re-evaluation. The works must be properly packaged and insured. Shipping and insurance fees are the responsibility of the exhibiting artist (mail with payment will be rejected). The return insurance will refer to the standard of sending insurance, and that will be unified by the organizing committee.

Original works must be properly packaged and sent by regular logistics companies to prevent damage or loss during the postal process. If the exhibited works are damaged or lost during transportation due to poor self-packaging, the organizing committee will notify the artists in time but won’t take any responsibility.

Receipt Information for Selected Works:
Address: Fine Arts Building, Qi Baishi Art Institute of Hunan University of Science and Technology, Taoyuan Road, Yuhu District, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China.(湖南省湘潭市雨湖区桃园路湖南科技大学齐白石艺术学院美术楼)
To: Guan Wei
Postal Code:411201

Related Matters:
1. The organizer has the right to exhibit, research, photograph, videotape, publish and publicize all the selected works without consulting the artists and paying remuneration.
2. All artists are deemed to recognize and comply with the provisions of the call for entries.

Contact Information:
Mr. Long Mingsheng:13787260256
Tang Liang:13575116627
Guan Wei: 18073268862