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Live Classes are all same as usual and we are using Zoom now!

We are using Zoom and vMixCALL to run our online live classes from the Tai Chi Centre in Manchester and Edinburgh Studio with Master Liming Yue, Instructor Jamal Alek, John Higginson and Wenli. The details of online classes are published on the Timetable on Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation.

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You can book lessons in the Centre up to 4 lessons each time by using the calendar at the bottom of the page. Please select lessons from the drop down menu. It is FREE to book lessons for members but the number of classes allowed to attend will depend on the level of membership you purchased. Turn up on the door is welcome but subject to availability so booking in advance is highly recommended. You can make payment by scaning our Paypal QR Code shown at left. The price for each lesson in the Centre is £8.50 per person for non-members

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