Membership area

Our Membership area and shop are both hosted on now

Please go to to find out the updated Classes Timetable and seminars information. All existing members are relocated on the new website automatically and your username and password are remaining the same. You don’t need to do anything as the links will direct you there straight away.


Tai Chi Centre Online
Chen Zhenglei Federation
Chinese Health Qigong Club
Hu Xiaofei Club
Wu Dang Kungfu School Canada TNT Kungfu School Deyin Taiji Institute Taiji Net CN China

Live Classes!

We are using Zoom and vMixCALL to run our online live classes from the Tai Chi Centre Studio with Master Liming Yue, Instructor Jamal Alek, John Higginson and Wenli. The details of online classes are published on the Timetable on Gegeshop online teaching platform. The Meeting ID for Zoom is 756 244 0399 and password is displayed in the Bronze members area.

Notice of new corporations 2022

The Tai Chi Centre is in corporation with Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation so all students in the Centre please sign up online membership to carry on training with us. Thanks for your great support and all the best to you and your family. Master Liming Yue, Sifu Jamal Alek and Sifu John Higginson are going to see you all online.