Plenty of videos are listed in the online library

There are plenty of instructional video clips hosted on our online video libraries for all members. VIP member can access all the libraries and others can access limited libraries depends on the level of membership as defined on the each libarary below.

500 Videos of Tai Chi and Qigong from beginners to experts for VIP Member

Chen Zhenglei Seminars 2021-2023 Laojia Fine Details Seminars 83 Form Fine Details Seminars Push Hands Seminar
Zhao Zhifang Club Chinese Health Qigong Spear Seminar 2022 Yi Jin Jing Qigong Seminar in London 2018
Sword Fine Details Eye Exercise Sabre Fine Details Chen Zhenglei Easter 2017
Applications Eight Strengths Jamal Alek Membership Wenli Membership

Videos of Tai Chi and Qigong for Bronze Member

5 Animal Qigong Ba Duan Jin Qigong Tai Chi 24 Simplified Form 11 Form Seminar
Yi Jin Jing Qigong Tai Chi 8 Form Seminar Tai Chi Sword seminar Laojia Yilu Instructional Videos

Videos of Tai Chi and Qigong for Silver Member

83 Form – Xinjia Tai Chi Double Fan Cannon Fist Seminars Seminar in Turin 12-13 May 2018
Seminar in Pitigliano 18 May 2018 Seminar in Venice 16-17th June 2018 Cesena, Italy Seminar 15-16 September 2018 Seminar in Rome 15 May 2018

Videos of Tai Chi and Qigong for Gold Member

All the updated videos recorded and extracted from live classes are hosted on Gold Member page. The samples videos are listed below:

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Greeting from Liming and Wenli;QA Sword & 11 Form;Share Tai Chi;8 Form Performance;Tai Chi Talk part 1;Laojia Demonstration;Single Whip Teaching;
Greeting from Liming and Wenli

Local in person Classes With Master Liming Yue

Time & Cost: Our training hall at home is open now during the classes above with Master Liming Yue so in person classes will be available for local students to join with membership or pay on the door by appointment only. The pricesn and time are listed on the timetable.
Address: Training Hall, 50 Goldeneye Drive, Edinburgh, EH17 8XL
Booking: All local classes are required to book in advance and spaces are limited so please book with Wenli 07725568257;

Wellbeing Day for companies and schools With Master Liming Yue

We have a few options for companies and schools to run the Wellbeing activities. The Team membership facilities are host on and you can purchase it by click the image at the right.

Option One: One off on site or online by Zoom, vMixcall or Team.
Option Two: One off event on site then followed by regular classes online at your request plus access to a full set of videos hosted on our server as team members, all your staff or students will be invited in as a member at your control.
Option Three: Run regular classes online at your request plus access to a full set of videos hosted on our server as team members, all your staff or students will be invited in as a member at your control.

The videos are hosted at members page and all of your staff can access at the level of Team membership you purchased. The Standard Team membership is set as Bronze for organizations and other lever of membership can be discussed to meet your needs. The number of people on the Team are also at your choice by select the drop down menu to find suitable for you.

Health and Safety Declaration:

All videos and live streaming lessons displayed in the public area on this website are for promoting and information purpose only, so you are welcome to watch but please do not follow and practice without being a paid member yet. All lessons should be followed and practiced under the instructions from our verified and insured instructors. Otherwise it may cause health and safety issues at your own risk. You are required to seek advice from your doctors or health consultants before you start practicing Tai Chi and Qigong exercise with us. Thanks

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