Tai Chi Centre Ltd.

We are registered in the UK as Tai Chi Centre Ltd. and trade as Tai Chi Centre. The company is formed by a group of Affiliates, Cooperators, and Tai Chi instructors work at volunteers basis by invitation as the following:

Executive Committee Members of Tai Chi Centre Ltd. – 英国公司执行董事会成员

Yue Liming – President and Technique Director of Federation and Director of the company – 总裁及技术总监, 公司董事长及秘书长
Yan Zhigang – Vice President (in charge of North America) – 严志刚,副总裁,主管北美地区
Ziqing He – Company Vice Director
Paul Cutland – IT & Technician Director
Nick Waites – Art Work and Website Developer
Wen Li – Market Director and Chinese Translator
Tang Hong – China Studio Technician Director

Technical Committee Board – 技术委员会

Honorary Director:名譽主任
Chen Zhenglei 陈正雷老师

Yue Liming, 岳黎明

Vice Director:副主任
Yan Zhigang,严志刚

Committee member: 委员
Peter Hornby
Nick Taylor
John Higginsons
Jamal Alek
Garry Seghers
Pepe Arlandis Ivars
Sergio Teramoto

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at liming.yue@taichicentre.com or visit our Head Office in Edinburgh, U.K.