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The live streaming seminars are open to public at pay to view basis. The FACE to FACE facilities on Zoom and VmixCALL are also available to purchased and please see the details at the seminar section.

Seminars details 周末专题课程详情

The International Health Qigong – Yi Jin Jing Online Intensive Training Workshops for Instructors and Experienced Practitioners

This is The Yi Jin Jing Health Qigong Online Intensive Training Workshops for Instructors and experienced practitioners. The course will be starting on 14th November 2020 and taught by well known Professors Lei Bin and Li Rensong who are invited by Chinese Health Qigong Association in China. The total teaching and training sessions will be 14 teaching hours plus 8 hours reviewing sessions and includes the final assessment session. The certificate presentation ceremony will be host on 13th December 2020.

Please go to the Members area to watch the live seminars and reviewing classes by clicking the View Live Seminars button to access the members area.

This course is going to be taught in English and Chinese during the practical skills session and interpreted by Tai Chi Centre UK for the theory session. All success participates will receive a course completion certificate directly from Chinese Health Qigong Association via online ceremony and it will be presented by Professors on the day. Details are published on the Health Qigong page and you can access it by click the more button for further training information.

Title: Live Streaming Instructor Certificate Seminar 5-6th December 2020 – Worldwide

Details: Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor Certificate Training Program.
Instructor: Master Liming Yue,
Assistant Instructors: Wenli.
Level: All levels
Price: £435.00 for face to face on Zoom or vMixCALL participation and receive a full set of Instructor packege and edited video clips for the seminar.
Polish: £150.00 per person for Existing Instructors
Upgrade Certificate Fee: £135.00 per person for Existing Instructors
Polish + Upgrade Certificate Fee: £285.00 per person.
Watch online: £65.88 per person.
Venue: Edinburgh Broadcasting Centre ” 26 Damselfly Road, Lang Loan, Edinburgh, EH17 8XG.
Tel. +44 131 664 7163; Mobile: +44 7725 568257; Contact Wenli
Organizer: Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation
Dates and Time:
Saturday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm at London time
Sunday: 1:00pm to 5:00pm at London time
Additional Preparation session: : £60.00 per person
Friday: 7:00pm to 10:00pm at London time

Registration deadline: 4th December 2020. The number of places for face to face live seminar on Zoom or vMixCALL is limited to 35 people, first come first serve is applied.

For more information: E-mail:

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