Chen Style Tai Chi Foundation Exercises DVD – Liming Yue


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Chen Style Tai Chi Foundation Exercises DVD For Beginners by Master Liming Yue
The foundation exercises have been designed for beginners to Chen Style Tai Chi and are complete health system. It is a follow up (or workout) of simple exercises for people to practice at home or in a gym. The video footage was filmed in a professional studio in China with the latest DVD authoring techniques enabling you to navigate and watch the DVD easily and efficiently. The DVD consist of warm ups, qigong breathing, silk reeling energy, meditation, basic postures and a small set of movement. It includes: introduction, demonstration, instruction and follow me” section with back view for the convenient of follow. The DVD also covers an 11 short form and sword demonstration with others extra bonus footage.

Media: DVD – PAL
Publisher: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
ISBN: 1904719171

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm