We are offering a number of membership levels for which you pay by subscription plus a single payment taster.

For details of the membership, what information and videos you are able to access please visit the Membership Products

Once you have decided on the level of membership that you wish to purchase please click on the adjacent select box.

Level Price  
Free Member Free. Select
Gold Member £58.68 per Month. Select
Silver Member £32.68 per Month. Select
Bronze Member £20.68 per Month. Select
Basic Annual Member £158.68 per Year. Select
Taster Member £8.01 now.
Membership expires after 7 Days.
Tai_Chi_Centre_Instructor_Member £435.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.

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Membership Description – Each club is different!

The Membership level purchased can access to all pages provided by Live-Stream studios and affiliations at the same level or lower level, except private pages! So, for example, as a Silver membership, all resources for Platform members, Bronze members and Silver members are available to access.

The following services and facilities for all level of memberships are provided by the Tai Chi Centre Channel. Other studios and affiliate clubs may vary in what they offer on their own membership pages.

Weekly Pass – £8 for one week

We would like to recommend everybody to purchase a Weekly Pass as Bronze member for a week first before you decide to buy a suitable membership for your own purpose. Weekly Pass will give you access to all live classes and video library hosted on Weekly Pass page. This is not a recuring payment and it will be expired after one week.

Platform Member – £168 one year

Platform Members can watch live broadcasting classes per week listed on the Timetable page. There are also some instructional videos can be accessed and it covers Warm up exercises, Silk Reeling Energy exercises, Ba Duan Jin Health Qigong, 8 Form, 11 Form, 24 Step Simplified Tai Chi Form and first 15 movement of Laojia Yilu Form. You can also download a number of video clips listed on the membership page. This membership is valid for one year. The details are listed on the Timetable page.

Bronze Member – £39 for one month

Bronze Members can visit Platform member area and watch more instructional videos in the Bronze member library and all live broadcasting classes from 8am to 8pm each opening day. The details of classes are listed on the Timetable page.

Silver Member – £49 for one month

Silver Members can visit all platform and Bronze member areas and watch all live seminars offered on the Silver membership page by instructors from Tai Chi Centre UK Live-Stream Studio. The details of classes and seminars are listed on the Timetable page and Seminar pages.

Gold Member – £68 for one month

Gold Members can visit all the member areas and watch all live seminars offered on the Silver membership page by instructors from Tai Chi Centre plus tailored, face-to-face live classes for Gold Members on Zoom. You can also book a 5 minutes FREE Private one to one lesson each week on Gold Member page to get advice and corrections subject to availability. The live face to face class access meeting ID and password on Zoom are published on the Gold Member page. The details of classes and seminars are listed on the Timetable page.

All Weekly Pass, Platform, Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships are  one off payments for a total of months at your own choices. Multi-number of months and years are available to purchase during the check out procedure. You can cancel or upgrade/downgrade these membership at anytime during the subscription period.

Private pages: All studios and affiliates have set up their own private pages on the platform for their own school members only. Those pages are not open to public and all members so please contact the studios and affiliates directly to ask for the access password. Terms and conditions are applied.

Membership Management

Level of membership:
Link to My Account
Link to My Membership Profile This page gives you all of the information about your membership and allows the details to be modified and cancellation. It also shows your Membership invoices and Member links for on-line seminars.