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To enter an on-line competition organised through this web site there are several stages to be completed. This is the first page and from here you can access the other parts of the site to pay for your entry into the competition, set up the information required, upload the images and files then review and amend.

  1. Pay Competition entry fee
    On completion of your online payment you will receive a confirmation email containing your order number.
    Please save this order number in a safe place because you will need it to complete your online entry form.
  2. Complete and submit your Entrant Information form for the competition
    You will need to supply a minimum amount of biographical information plus your Competition Entry Order Number
  3. Upload supporting files
    A passport style photo will be used on certificates, the image captured from your video clip will be used in the voting product: Upload video and image files
  4. View/Edit Application
    Go here to view your entry or to make changes to it