Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation
Instructor International Evaluation Online System

There are 10 levels for the Chen’s Tai Chi Instructor Evaluation System under the Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation. Applicants will be evaluated by the level of competence in each technical track (routine/push-hands) and certificate will be issued based on the examination result at the appropriate level.

Certificates are issued for each track separately and each track has ten levels except the Health and Wellness track which has only three level. Applicants are not required to start from level one and advance one level at a time. One can request to start at any level and one can also request to skip levels for the next evaluation if he/she already holds a valid certificate. The certification system is designed by single tracks based on the facts that not all instructors train and teach in all areas. One may only specialize in teaching the Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One and we want to make sure that a good instructor is being recognized at the appropriate level for that track.

In order to participate, one must first register as an applicant. Those who already hold a valid certificate are considered registered and do not need to register again. The evaluation process involves the following steps:

1. Registration
2. Apply for a certification evaluation by filling in an on-line application form
3. Upload video portfolio – self-practice and teaching demonstrations
4. The Federation Technical Panel will evaluate the applicant’s technical proficiency
5. The Technical Panel may request a Face-to-face examination – in person or on-line
6. Upon successful passing the evaluation, certificate will be issued *
7. To advance or to be certified in another track, go back to step 2 **
8. Apply for re-validation before the certificate expires

* Certificate will be valid for 2 years. It must be re-validated before it expires. Validation is free of charge.
** For advancing to higher levels, one needs not to advance step by step. Just as one can apply to start at any level, one can apply to skip to any level.


1. Registration Fee: $300 one time
2. Video and Face-to-face Evaluation Fee: $50 each occurrence; multiple tracks: $20/each additional track
3. Certification Fee: $20 per level for the first track; $10 per level for additional tracks

Chen Zhenglei Taichi Technical Tracks for Evaluation

Basic Track:

Chen’s Taichi for Health and Wellness (Level 1 to 3)
• Yangsheng Gong (warm up, spiral rotations and qi-going)
• Essential 18 Forms (or any Federation validated simplified routines)

 * The above requirements are mandatory for all Instructors to be certified.

Progressive Tracks:

1. Old Frame One (Level 1 to 7)
2. Old Frame Two (Level 1 to 7)
3. New Frame One (Level 1 to 7)
4. New Frame Two (Level 1 to 7)
5. Single Sabre (Level 1 to 7)
6. Double Sabre (Level 1 to 7)
7. Single Sword (Level 1 to 7)
8. Double Sword (Level 1 to 7)
9. Double Baton (Level 1 to 7)
10. Spear (Level 1 to 7)
11. Spring and Autumn Halberd (Level 1 to 7)
12. Push-hands (Level 1 to 7)

Advanced Tracks:

Advanced Tracks are from Level 8 to 10. Those who hold the following mandatory certificates at Level 7 can apply to advance.

Mandatory certifications:

  1. Old Frame One or New Frame One certified at Level 7 or higher
  2. One Weapon routine certified at Level 7 or higher
  3. Push-hands certified at Level 7 or higher


Online instructor certification system

Application Form for instructor certification
Upload videos and images
Applicants Report
Acknowledge of Applicants