International Instructor Examination and Certification by Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have developed this online Instructor Examination and Certification system so that students and instructors can obtain official accreditation by providing video clips and images to support their application.

The next assessment closing date is 28th March, 2021, so please complete an application form now and upload supporting video clips and images. Upon receipt of applications, the examining panel will be conducted by internal assessment meeting followed with final assessment which will be hosted on 11th April, 2021. Successful applicants will be invited to the official certification ceremony which will be broadcasted through our online live stream platform at later date. The certificates will be sent out by email and the details of certification will be published on the website.

There are 10 levels for the Chen’s Taichi Instructor Evaluation System under the Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation. The system is especially designed according to the Chen’s family style Taichi. The system includes the basics postures and moves, silk reeling (spiral rotation) exercises, different traditional hand and weapon routine as well as the different kinds of techniques of push-hands and applications. Those who apply to be certified should have appropriate Taichi teaching skills as well as Taichi theories.

The examination can be administered in one of the two ways: Federation Head Office Hosted or Local Institution Hosted. Examination panel must be consisted of three examiners certified by the Federation and at least one of the examiners must be non-local. Instructor exams must be conducted by level 5 or higher examiners. Advanced level instructor exams must be conducted by a examiner panel appointed by the Federation Head Office. Exams can be carried on-site or via remote video conference.

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Chief Examiner:

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei – President and Chief Instructor

Verified Examiners:

Chen Bin (Level 10),
Chen Juan (Level 10),
Chen Yuanyuan (Level 10),
Yan Zhigang (Level 9),
Liming Yue (Level 9),
Pete Hornby (Level 8),
Giuseppe Paterniti (Level 8),
Byron Hartman(Level 8),
Billy Greer (Level 7),
Nick Taylor (Level 7),
Damian Kierans (Level 7),
John Higginson (Level 7),
Andrea Lori (Level 6),
Garry Seghers (Level 6),
Jamal Alek (Level 6),
Wenli Yue (Level 5),
Fabio Varesi (Level 5),
Carla Scigliano (Level 5),

All applicants please email:

International Instructor Examiner Certification

Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation certified instructor Examiners are appointed by the Technical Examination Committee. Requirements for the appointment are as the following:
• Grand Master Chen Zhengleis’ Disciple or Special appointment by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei
• Mastery of all required technical skills, can work independently and lead a team of examiners and can answer questions related to instructor certification.
• Hold valid intermediate or higher instructor certificate issued by the Federation
• Recommended by two current examiners or recommended directly by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei

Federation Head Office Technical Examination Committee members

Director – Chen Zhenglei
Deputy Director – Chen Bin, Chen Juan, Chen Yuanyuan, Yue Liming, Yan Zhigang
Committee member: Byron Hartman, Billy Greer, Giuseppe Paterniti, Peter Hornby, Garry Seghers, Nick Taylor