Requirements about the video clips

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Please supply details of the videos and images you wish to upload to support your instructor certification application. The video files of each form to support your certificate application must be less than 300Mb in size and no more than 3 minutes in length.

For those long forms such Laojia 74 form and Xinjia 83 Form you can record the best sections of your performance within 3 minutes then upload it one by one. You may upload more than one video or image for each form. We don’t need the full version of the long form for assessment as the best sections of your performance is enough for us to make decision to assign you a suitable instructor level. However we will keep the right to ask you to provide further video clips to support your grading application if that is the case.

Teaching videos to demonstrate your skills of teaching are required to cover lecture, demonstration, leadership and instruction. Please upload at least two video clips at no more than 3 minutes each.


Please upload the video clips and images

*Supporting video or image


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