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How to become Affiliates of Tai Chi Centre Ltd.

Tai Chi Centre Ltd. (referred to as Tai Chi Centre in this document) is an incorporated private company. The platform is open to the whole world. Platform visitors are from all over the world and of all backgrounds. This platform is the first of its kind in providing the most complete line of products in Taijiquan education.

The Tai Chi Centre is open to all Taijiquan and Qigong practitioners, personnel and organizations without discrimination. Any individual and/or institute can apply to become an affiliate provided he/she will follow the terms and conditions stated in this document. The affiliate must adhere to the rules and carry on business according to the guidelines of the Tai Chi Centre. The rules and guidelines are drafted by the Tai Chi Centre. There are a few ways to become an affiliate with Tai Chi Centre. Please get in touch with Master Liming Yue directly at

All instructors and affiliates who are working on our platform are required to have appropriate insurance to protect yourself from accusing of accidents and injuries during your online classes and videos in your library.

Thanks for all of your support!

What you will get as Affiliate local school/centre?

You can use our brand and logo to advertise the classes. All classes income you receive from your local venue is yours and we will provide all the online teaching as published on the timetable. With this affiliate license your students will be able to watch all of our online classes and videos at your local venue. They can also join face to face teaching sessions with our instructors. This way should enable your students to ask questions and demonstrate their movements in front of our instructors via Zoom or vMixcall.

Please email Master Liming Yue for your request to:


1. Signing up the Affiliate Member online. at:
2. Provide a local space or classroom with sufficient internet access to install all equipment.

Who can apply?
All instructors and organizations are welcome to apply. All Affiliates have to provide all terminal equipment as required by themselves. Once we receive the payment of Affliate Member we will guide you to set up all terminal equipment.

The Required terminal equipment will be:
a. HD Web camera with Microphone,
b. Projector or TV screen,
c. Laptop with speakers or a suitable smart phone.

Benefits of Online Corporation
1. All members of the organizations who are Online Corporations can watch all online live streaming teaching lessons provided by our Centre free of charge
2. Free access to our online video library as Gold member
3. Students of organizations can have private face to face lessons with Master Liming Yue at additional cost. The Affiliate will receive commission from income generated from this service
4. We will offer a dedicated page on the website to promote the affiliated organization
5. For all online live streaming teaching weekend seminars hosted on our platform the affiliates can gather all their students in their local venues to watch. The tuition fee from students will be collected by the local affiliates. The affiliate pays a pre-agreed fee and retains rest of the total income generated from the seminars.

Please contact Master Liming Yue directly to discuss further in details at:

Affiliates list
Jamal Alek
Denia Tai Chi Centre
Wu-Lang Taiji School
Mark Smith
Chinese Arts Zone