Tai Chi Centre Ltd. (referred to as Tai Chi Centre in this document) is an incorporated private company. We have developed an on-line platform that allows the affiliates to post, distribute and broadcast Taijiquan related electronic products including text documents, audio/videos, live-streaming seminars and more on the platform.

The platform is open to the whole world in multiple languages such as Chinese, English, Italian, French, Spanish and more. Platform visitors are from all over the world and of all backgrounds. This platform is the first of its kind in providing the most complete line of products in Taijiquan education.

The Tai Chi Centre is open to all Taijiquan practitioners, Taijiquan promotion personnel and organizations without discrimination. Any individual and/or institute can apply to become an affiliate provided he/she will follow the terms and conditions stated in this document. The affiliate must adhere to the rules of the Federation and carry on business according to the guidelines of the Tai Chi Centre. The rules and guidelines are drafted by the executive committee of the Tai Chi Centre and voted to become official by the shareholders of the Tai Chi Centre. Major changes to the rules and guidelines must be voted to pass by the shareholders of the company to take effect. Affiliate holding 0.5 share will have 1 vote right at the shareholders general meeting. The Total shares issued by the Tai Chi Centre is 101. The executive committee members of the Tai Chi Centre will be formed by the representatives of the shareholders and it is by invitation only.