The International Health Qigong – Yi Jin Jing Online Intensive Training Workshops for Instructors and Experienced Practitioners

This course is going to be taught in English and Chinese during the practical skills session and interpreted by Tai Chi Centre UK for the theory session. All success participates will receive a course completion certificate directly from Chinese Health Qigong Association via online ceremony and it will be presented by Professors on the day.

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所需設備和軟件:面对面學員需要Zoom App软件,观看直播不要任何App,VIP 也不要App, 只要手机或者电脑上有摄像头和话筒就可以了。
一,可从看直播或者回放视频,二,通过Zoom 面对面授课。三,VIP 嘉宾式参与面对面学习,同时可以有机会与老师同台亮相,是宣传和推广个人及学校知名度的绝佳机会。

The live streaming on Zoom will only appear during the scheduled time as advertised.

Welcome to our face to face classes on Zoom! Meeting ID: 7562440399 Password will be sent to people who purchased the Zoom and VIP options. Please click the Zoom Logo to join the live sessions.

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This is a full package for The First Chinese Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing online Training course for Instructors and experienced practitioners, with a number of options for you to choose. It includes Watch Online plus seminar video clips, Face to Face on Zoom and VIP channel so you can choose whichever one you prefer. Face to Face on Zoom and VIP Channel options include a Yi Jin Jing Membership and a full set of seminar video clips for you to download free of charge. Spaces are limited so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lecture and Theory Talk – Professor Lei Bin 雷斌副教授 简介


Biography of Lei Bin

Lei Bin is an associate professor at the Wushu School of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and the tutor of students in master degree, one of the main editors of Health Qigong·Yi Jin Jing, Da Wu and Ming Mu Gong (adult version).

Professor Lei has been practicing martial arts since childhood, systematically studied Qigong and Chinese medicine majored in orthopedics and obtained the qualifications of physicians, also he has been earlier involved in the of theory and method research of Health Qigong exercise prescriptions.

Professor Lei has given Health Qigong lectures along with Health Qigong representative groups to France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru, nearly 20 countries and regions.

Professor Lei has worked as the chief editor and participated in the compilation of 12 textbooks; and his six research papers were selected by the International Olympic Science Conference.

Practical Training – Professor Li Rensong 李仁松副教授 简介



Biography of Li Rensong

Li Rensong, associate professor of Xiamen University,tutor of postgraduate students, the seventh level of Health Qigong; head of the Health Research Office of Xiamen University National Martial Arts and Fitness Research Center, coach of Xiamen University Health Qigong team; social sports instructor of national-level Health Qigong

Professor Li has long been committed to the research and promotion of traditional fitness methods and culture such as Health Qigong. He has visited more than ten countries and regions including Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan to carry out Health Qigong lectures. From August 2017 to September 2019, Professor Li worked as the lecturer at the Confucius Institute at San Diego State University for two years.

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