As business grows we are going to support 50 Online Corporations as affiliate schools and Centres to set up fully equiped online live face to face facilities on our platform free of charge. The full set of facilities is worth of over £1050.00 and you won’t pay a penny at the beginning. All equipment will be yours in 3 years’ time as well. The requirements are set as follows:

With this facility your students will be able to watch all of our online classes and host face to face teaching sessions at your request. This way should enable your students to ask questions and demonstrate their movements in front of the Masters on our platform to receive dedicated instructions.

Please email Master Liming Yue your request and get approval at:


1. Monthly payment of £55 is required by signing up to the Gold membership.
2. Keeping the Gold member subscription for at least 3 years is required.
3. Recruiting minimum of 10 Bronze or higher memberships for the platform. Alternatively, 100 Platform members is acceptable.
4. Provide a local space or classroom with sufficient internet access to install all equipment we supply.

Who can apply?
All qualified instructors listed on our official web site  and organizations who have been co-operating with Master Liming Yue are qualified to apply. Each Online Corporation will receive a set of terminal equipment free of charge.

Once we receive a request about becoming an Online Corporation we will set up an account with a coupon for the school or centre. The terminal equipment will be sent out within 10 days. If the minimum term of three years is not completed they must pay £1,050 for the terminal equipment or return it back to us in reusable condition.

The terminal equipment will consist of:
a. Logitech C920 web camera with Microphone,
b. View Sonic LightStream PJD7828HDL DLP Projector,
c. HP Pavilion laptop
d. Logitech desktop speakers.

Benefits of Online Corporation
1. All of the organizations who are Online Corporations can watch all online live streaming teaching lessons provided by our Centre free of charge
2. Free access to our online video library
3. Students of organizations can have face to face lessons with Master Liming Yue at additional cost and the Affiliate will receive a commission of 40% in total income generated from this service
4. We will offer a dedicated page on the web site to promote their organization of Online Corporation and the page can be managed under their own control
5. For all online live streaming teaching weekend seminars hosted on our platform the Online Corporation can gather all their students in their local venues to watch. The tuition fee per student will be collected by the Online Corporation on our behalf. The Online Corporation will retain 40% of the total income generated from the seminars as commission.