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Membership Description 会员权益注释

Visitors can Sign up as a Free Member, a Platform Member or any Club Member list on the Platform. Free membership provides access to the Free Member Area (link in the left sidebar) containing a range of instructional videos. However, to be able to access all membership resources, Platform membership and Club Member are required.

Platform Member – £18 per year

All Platform Member can watch videos offered by the platform on your membership page. It covers Warm up exercises, Silk Reeling Energy exercises, Health Qigong, 18 Short Form, 18 Sword Form and Laojia Yilu Form, You can also download a number of video clips listed on the membership page.

We are broadcasting all classes in the Tai Chi Centre UK Club starting from 31st October 2018. As a platform member you will be able to watch our classes from 1:00pm to 1:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until further change.

平台会员 – 每年¥168元


Members for Clubs

The Terms and conditions for the each Club are different so please click the links below to check it out in detail.
Membership Description for Tai Chi Centre UK Club
Membership Description for Canada Club