Chen Zhenglei Seminar in Denia – Spain 25-26th November 2023


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Details: Following a series of successful seminars on Tai Chi Internal Energy in theory and practical in person seminars in May 2023 we are going to emphasis on further intensive practice the authentic Internal Energy, the usage of the Energy in relation to the Five Steps and Eight Methods, Applications on Laojia Yilu, Sword Form and Push Hands with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei followed by Q&A based on the questions raised by the students on the seminar in person,  VIPs and Zoom participants in advance. Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei will choose the questions to answer. The special high light of the seminar will be Practice & Correction with deep explanation. The VIPs and in person students will be corrected by Grandmaster Chen Zhengeli.
InstructorGrandmaster Chen Zhenglei
Instructor AssistantChen Juan and Liming Yue
LevelAll levels
Dates, Time & Prices: £160 early bird by 30th September 2023. Daily entry is also availabe to book.
10am-1pm, 5-7pm; Saturday: 25th November 2023: Tai Chi for Health and Wellbeing, Tai Chi Loajia Form, Eight Strengths and Push Hands Seminar.
10am-1pm, Sunday: 26th November 2023: Applications on Laojia, assistant by Chen Juan and Liming Yue
Additional training 7pm-9pm, Monday: £25 per person, 27th November 2023: Push Hands by Chen Juan and Liming Yue

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