Laojia Form Live Stream Seminar on 4th July 2020


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This is a special opportunity to purchase the livestream seminar from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, UK time by Sifu Jamal Alek. It includes introduction and practice exercises. The seminar will work through the first two parts of Laojia.

Watch on website View Live Seminar page, £12.60 per login.
Face to Face on Zoom with FREE videos, limited to 30 people at £50 per screen.
VIP channel face to face on vMixCALL with FREE videos, limited to 2 schools or individual. £80 per streaming channel. Pre-testing your facilities is required. Please contact us at WhatApp +44 7853 200959

A set of FREE seminar video clips will be available for people who purchased Zoom access or VmixCALL VIP. You can use the FREE coupon we sent out during your check out to purchase the video clips then download to your own devices when it is available online.

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Jamal Laojia Seminar

Watch online, Face to face on Zoom, VIP Channel, Downloadable Video Clips


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