Classes Booking – Tai Chi Centre, 41 Bryson Road, Edinburgh


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Hi, please select the Block of sessions as you like. Once you booked we will get in touch with you and see you in the classes. All classes are hold at our new centre.

Address: Bryson School of Tai Chi Centre UK, 41 Bryson Road, Edinburgh, EH11 1DS

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Edinburgh Classes

8pm-Monday, 9pm-Monday Spear, 11am-Tue classes, 7pm-Tue Sword, 8pm-Tue Laojia, 7pm-Wed Qigong, 8pm-Wed Tai Chi, 1pm-Thurs, 7pm-Thurs Push Hands, 8pm-Thurs Qigong, 9pm-Thurs 83 Form, 1pm-Saturday, Drop in