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About Sifu Jamal Alek

Sifu Jamal Alek; Shaolin Graduation; 3 Dragons; Bonzai;

Sifu Jamal Alek born in Manchester UK, has been studying Chinese Martial Arts from the young age of 4yrs old. From Wing Chun Fist Shaolin Kung Fu to Tai Chi Quan, training with shaolin kung fu masters in mainland China, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and graduating in 2013 at Chan Wu Shaolin Kung Fu School in Guangzhou.
With over 20 years Tai Chi experience committing most of his training full time on a daily basis to learning a deeper understanding of Authentic Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan from Chen Zhenglei Taiji lineage.
Alek Sifu is a 13th generation direct line successor and indoor disciple of GM Liming Yue, a Senior Instructor and Manager of the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in Manchester China Town UK founded by GM Yue, also a team member of the Chen Zhenglei Taiji Quan Federation, training studying and teaching on a daily basis for the love of the arts helping to promote Tai Chi and Qigong Health to the world.
Alek Sifu an international tai chi gold medalist and the Head of the Southern Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance team performing across the UK during the Chinese Holidays and Celebrations. Promoting Chinese Culture to Communities and working with Charities across the NorthWest. Providing Tai Chi Health and Qigong Health to those in need, working closely with the Chinese Community’s to help preserve Traditional Tai Chi and Kung Fu Culture for future generations.
Helping beginners on the path of self improvement, rewarding students through certification, training students to become future instructors to continue the Chen family teachings.