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Watch Live classes provided to the members by the Tai Chi Centre UK

All classes are only showing upto 8:00pm from Monday to Thursday and Saturday. We are closed on Friday and Sunday.

The Live Streaming Seminars

The live streaming videos are only available to watch when it is broadcasting. Please check our seminars page to find out more details.

Tai Chi 8 Form

Warm Up Exercise Lvl 3;Silk Reeling Energy Exercise;8 Form Lesson 1;8 Form Lesson 2;8 Form Lesson 3;8 Form Lesson 4;8 Form Lesson 5;8 Form Lesson 6;8 Form Lesson 7;8 Form Follow Me
Warm Up Exercise Lvl 3

Tai Chi 11 Form

11 Form Demo;Tai Chi Preparation;11 Form Lesson 1;11 Form Lesson 2;11 Form Lesson 3;11 Form Lesson 4;11 Form Lesson 5;11 Form Lesson 6;11 Form Lesson 7;11 Form Lesson 8;11 Form Lesson 9
11 Form Demo

Tai Chi 18 Form

18 Form Demo;Coming Soon;
18 Form Demo

Tai Chi Laojia Form

Laojia Section One; Laojia Section Two; Drape Fist Across Body
Laojia Part One

Bonus Videos

Push Hands Demo Demo;Bonus Videos;
Push Hands Demo

Qigong & Meditation Videos

Qigong Foundation Preparation; Foundation Movements 1; Foundation Movements 2; Foundation Movements 3; Foundation Movements 4; Foundation Movements 5; Foundation Movements 6; Foundation Movements 7 8; Foundation Movements 9; Foundation Movements 10; Qigong Foundation Closing; Yi Jin Jing Demo;
Qigong Foundation Exercise