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This is the front page of Professor Hu Xiaofei of Beijing Sports University. All videos are promotional materials only, and it is free to watch for everybody. For members please go to the members area to access more video clips and join the live classes with Professor Hu Xiaofei by click the Member Area button. Once you signed up a member of Professor Hu Xiaofei you are entitled to visit the Tai Chi Centre club as a Silver member. This will enable you to join all of our daily online classes and access many video libraries in the member area.

FREE Seminar on 5th September 2020

FREE Seminar 05-09-2020; Lungs Sitting exercises;Lung Exercises; Lesson on 7th November 2020
FREE Seminar 05-09-2020

Daoyin Warm up Exercises

Welcome to the Centre; Introduce to Children Ba Duan Jin; Warm up demonstration; Introduction;Instruction Part 1;Instruction Part 2;Instruction Part 3;
Welcome to the Centre

Downloadable video clips to buy

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Classes with Professor Hu Xiaofei will be starting on 19th Septermber 2020

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11:00AM – 11:50AM
Lungs Qigong for Beginners; Teaching and Q&A

1:00 – 1:50 PM

Lungs Qigong for Beginners; Reviewing and Q&A

You are welcome to join our face to face online classes on Zoom now! The password will be published on the screen during the live classes. Meeting ID is: 7562440399 for all classes. Please click the Zoom Logo to join the Classes. We also provide VIP channels to organizations and groups so please contact us directly for the details of cooperation.

For details of more online classes please visit the Timetable on Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation.

About the classes

All classes are conducted by Professor Hu Xiaofei and his Assistant Instructors in China. All the sessions are recorded and extracts of those popular classes will be placed in the online video library in the members area. You can visit the online video library to watch the class videos later if you missed out the classes.

We are closed on Bank holiday, Christmas and New Year’s Day.